On-Demand Webinar for
Non-Member Attorneys

The Top Three Mistakes to Fix
with Your Marketing

Are you tired of spending money each month on “marketing” for your law firm with little to no results?

Download our educational marketing webinar and learn strategies to fill the calendar with prospects that immediately need your services and can afford your fees. 

Without a steady stream of clients coming in the door, your revenue can’t grow.

You will learn:

  • Immediate changes to make if you aren’t seeing the results you expected from paid advertising, email marketing, direct mail campaigns or seminar marketing.

  • How to overhaul your marketing “tracking” so that you can pinpoint exactly where clients are coming from, how much you are spending and where you may be wasting money.

  • How to identify additional “Systems” issues in the practice that could be sabotaging your marketing efforts and siphoning away your ROI.

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Seminar Marketing 911

What to do when you are:

1) Struggling to find the right places to advertise;

2) Not getting enough “butts in seats” from your advertising; or

3) Not effectively “marketing” your offer from the stage to get actual appointments.

Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

Implement Direct-Response strategies that are designed to get your audience to take an immediate action with your practice (instead of hitting “delete” or throwing your marketing in the trash).

Empower your marketing coordinator (or future marketing coordinator) to bring in consistent and predictable results for the firm so that you can confidently remove most marketing functions from your plate. 

Accurately “back into” the marketing results you need to see each month, so that you can create a plan that ensures your arrows are consistently hitting the bull's eye.