Webinar Agenda: 

  • Marketing and Lead Generation: Fill your calendar with qualified prospective clients… even in these challenging times. We'll share what’s really working now to drive well-paying leads… and what “shiny objects” and activities you should kiss goodbye in 2023.

  • Client Enrollment: Learn how to implement the Academy’s top client enrollment strategies so that you can weed out bad prospects, shorten initial appointments, and convert over 90% of your prospects into paying clients of your firm.

  • Team Building and Training: Learn about the Academy’s system for Hiring and Onboarding that will transform your staff into the powerhouse employees that you, and your clients, need them to be.

  • Keeping a Competitive Educational Edge: We’ll show you a simplified way to remain on the cutting edge of legal strategy, tools, and education so that you can have total confidence in what you are providing to clients in the form of your legal advice and documents.

  • Practice Management and Tech Tools: We’ll cover the “best of tech” and how to leverage online and offline tools to draft documents and manage your firm.

  • Ancillary Business Strategies: Discover strategies to expand your revenue streams so that the estate and/or elder law process is never a “one and done” experience.

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